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  2. I took an orange/red Warner bro tablet on my own then after 20 mins you body hands head starts tingling ,my music went slow motion,I begin to see a black swirl in my vision next there is white appearing behind the black swirl then all of a sudden am going through a black an white spiral,I lose my whole vision of my room and I don’t know how long I was in that spiral for last thing I knew it exploded and everything was white with little black diamond/triangle shaped sequences in my vision that’s when I came around on my bed still tingling unable to get up I could see electric ripples going through my TV and couldn’t stop feeling my bed sheets I felt like I was sinking into the bed, I eventually get up but as I walked out of my room and started seeing silver and gold flashes taking over my vision and felt like I took 10 steps of every one or two steps I took I put my fingers down my throat spewed nearly the same amount as my body weight and passed out on the stairs, thankfull too still be alive it was a scary,intense and interesting experience “rolled” into one.. I took the full pill and was drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking weed at the same time..spoiler.. I took 2cb the next day and walked around trippin for 7 hours like I was in a lizard tank everything green, snow comin of pples hands an stuff crazy

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