VincentCorp Extended Hopper CP4 – CBD Oil Extraction / Ethanol Recovery Screw Press Technology

VincentCorp Screw Press for Hemp Industry. Ethanol Recovery.


  1. We use the VinceCorp screw press to recycle our spent biomass which is a byproduct of CBD extraction. It allows us to recover an additional 12-15% of the CBD from the biomass and allows us to recycle 95-97% of our ethanol. The machine paid for itself in about 6 or 7 days.

  2. I was at another customer earlier in the week. They were using our press as their ONLY processing strategy for extracting CBD oil out of Hemp with the use of Ethanol. No Pre Wash, No Centrifuge. I will try and get that video up in a couple of days, It will give you a much cleaner looking full spectrum extract

  3. I was at another customer earlier in the week. They were taking those 5 gallon buckets, running through a RotoVap to remove all the Ethanol and then processing the leftover crude into CBD Isolate. By calculations the Isolate they got back out of waste material using our Screw Press paid for the press 3x over in the course of year 1. Monetize your Waste Material, Don't throw away top-line profits!

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