Top Democrats promote legalizing marijuana

Sens. Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, and Ron Wyden push the federal decriminalization of marijuana. Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: …


  1. My governor of NM is chomping at the bit for this bill to hit her desk so she can sign it! Yep as if having the most drunk drivers on the road of all the states isn't enough she says "let's get them even Higher"😟

  2. We really need to physically…….go down take these men and women peacefully and there belongings in there office to the curb… can hear it's a preacted speech it's all smoke and mirrors….Schumer stumbles on his words 3 different times!

  3. Republicans smoke weed too. Just saying. I am not a fan of democrat policies, in general. Sad thing is, he doesn't care about the people, they just want the federal tax.

  4. Dems are not going to legalize "POT", what Dems want to
    Legalize is "HEMP". why do I say this ?? Look at products
    Being put into so-called Pot shops now, almost all are "HEMP" products, : cbd's, oil's, tincture's all Hemp, no pot
    in ingredients at all. It's all a $$$ scam, especially where
    Dems & $$$ are concerned.

  5. So what will change in a state like Colorado? Answer, nothing, well almost nothing, you will now pay an additional 5% federal tax on something that is already way overtaxed.
    What happens if this law is not passed? Nothing, it will be business as usual except you wont be forced to pay 5% extra in taxes that go to woke SJW programs.
    I see no upside to this proposed legislation as criminal record expungement is mostly done at the state level.
    Just remove Marijuana from the controlled substance list and call it a day, no need for wasteful woke tax penalties.

  6. legalize it at a federal level, my state (indiana) will never legalize it – not only that employers can still choose to follow federal over state laws and fire you for using marijuana.

    By the way the ones that bring up color … are the racists.

  7. Marijuana is NOT good for people with certain types of mental health problems like schizophrenia. And what about kids brains. What will be the legal age that a person could purchase. Will it be 18 ? I want to see the SCIENCE!! TRUST THE SCIENCE they say.

  8. This dude who sounds drunk is probably not who they should have in the forefront of this debate. I mean he literally sounds like a prime example of what hard drugs, not weed, do to a person.

  9. Long over Due??? 😂😂😂 Politician = Sad Leadership!!! 🇺🇸 "We the People" should Sue the Government for Trillions for the War on Crime Bill!! These 3 act like they just landed on Planet Earth an just heard about the stupid Drug Laws in America!! 😂😂😂 It's exciting, tell that to the Folks that died & still in jail!!

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