The “Gateway Drug” And Spirituality (My Experiences With Weed)

Thank You So Much To Those Who Recommended This Topic. I Have So Much More I Want To Say On It But I Decided To Start With My Experiences So Far …


  1. your vids are always at the perfect time lol. i just decided to go on a break from smoking 2 days ago! it was getting unhealthy and i kept denying it so i quit and im going to see how i feel about my relationship with weed on April 20th haha. but i have a feeling this might be the end of my stoner days as well ;(

  2. 🙏💚 good video, I don't smoke street weed anymore, I drink cbd weed in tea form, street weed not good for you, if it was legal I would ground it myself, because they add things to street weed to make you addicted, my cbd weed is grown legally in Ireland in fields no lights, it's all I need, street weed is too strong because of what they add, I don't do any illegal drugs anymore, with the last 14 years, I have pets to take care of and I can't go to jail , my pets need me, and I know what you mean it's all in your head , like my music is my way of tripping now a day's, good video sis , 🙏🌈💚🤝

  3. Perfect timing esther. I've been having this battle with myself. My mentor has told me I need to stop wich I have. I'm so bloody weak when my friends visit and have a smoke. I find resisting makes things I partake and have a few puffs. I realise this is about my weakness. But I'm also proud of myself as this happens once a week when I would have a smoke every night.
    Boiling a banana and drinking it has the same fluffy floating effects so its bananas for me from now on. Thankyou thankyou thankyou I appreciate you and all that you do. Namaste x

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