Signs of slight over watered marijuana plants

In this episode we will be looking at the garden and the slight over watered plants #weedcommunity #gardenproblems #cannabissociety #weednerd …


  1. When you first discover the signs of over watering … if you are using fabric pots … you can fold up 1/2 roll of papertowel to fit the size of your pot and put it under the pot to draw up excess water. Change out the wet papertowel for fresh dry papertowel frequently. Keep doing this until the papertowel remains mostly dry after a few hours of sitting on the papertowel. Allow the soil to dry completely before watering again.

  2. I can see what you’re saying about that middle of the road sorta droop and I have the same thing going on now. Thanks to this video I can adjust my watering slightly and fully perk my girls back up outa their funk

  3. There is a meter cheap at any garden center which shows light, moisture, and ph. Also there is always lifting the pot to see how heavy, or light it is. Even putting a thin dowel down into the soil can tell you if moist like checking a cake if anything stains, or sticks to stick then your soil is moist. There's no guess work. These are simple ways I mentioned for beginners to advance growers who are not doing hydro.

  4. i transplanted my seedlings which are about 1 foot tall and for two weeks they've been droopy. I watered right after transplant then watered a week later. But i think the soil compost mix i used holds water way better than i thought.

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