Owls TV – Delta-8 FLOWER?

Good day folks! Today we’re going to talk about Delta-8 Flower! * DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT ON THE VIDEO TO BE ENTERED TO WIN OUR WEEKLY …


  1. I can't trust D8 flower yet. First, most the flower is mid-grade at best. I've only found 3 companies that have premium and one that I consider consistently dank. I look forward to the day when top-shelf CBD can easily be found.

  2. I dont have a lot of interest in D8 flower, but I would want solvent free. The reason I dont have much interest is because its being sprayed with whats in the cart, so its a middle unnecessary step. However, sometime the ritual that you get with using flower IS necessary.

  3. I personally wouldn’t touch it at all at this point … but again you know where I stand with this whole D8 industry lol yes they use the poorest quality flower and spray it with a bunch of solvents and people don’t even care ….sad

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