1. @HadasahMiryam Oh, and since I got brave enough to come out of the Cannabis closet on Facebook, I'm finding many on my friends list who "were" in the closet. …until I lead the way. Now they are spreading the word. …

    Oh and, speaking of spreading the word, I've been spreading the word as to why the word "Cannabis" (rather than the "m" word) is much more honorable and respectable for such a great and awesome gift from our Creator. ..remember "m" word is to Cannabis like "n" word. Thnx Shalom

  2. Thanks Jack for another great program. Keep up the good work. I'm sharing SativAcademy vids on Facebook, and some of my friends are starting to rethink and maybe coming to realize that they've been duped. deceived. lied to. …and that's a mighty humbling experience for some of them who have been very vocal about their stance in opposition to Cannabis. I know; been there. hehe. Shalom/ Peace

  3. These media outlets are spinning the story so hard. They never mention that the science is in and weed can be good for you, deal with it.

    They refuse to note the racist origins of the prohibition laws. We will not see legalization in our lifetimes relying on this media. The internet will be the only way.

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