Medical Marijuana Is Allowed Only in Some Places, Right? Not If This Company Gets Their Way

Plenty of folks have reported good results against a variety of ailments by availing themselves of medical cannabis options. Some American states have begun …


  1. Ok folks, time to actually read the Compassionate Use Act, which they claim makes it legal everywhere, states specifically that it only provides protection to Californians and it only provides protection from one specific section of California law. Therefore even if their constitutional argument was correct the law itself says it gives no protection outside California.

  2. Dr Mechoulam in Israel was one of the first to study and publish papers in a medical journal in 1960s. He unlocked the secrets of Cannabis, separated the active components.
    Under Laguardia in NY, he ordered a study, stated Cannabis is harmless and is not addictive. Under Pres. Nixon a 4 year study with the same results. Both studies were buried.
    There are thousands of studies proving medical benefits.
    Anyone watch any Congressional hearings on this? Notice that all Government Heads, DEA, NIH so on, all say the same BS.

  3. Marihuana is not a plant, therefore Cannabis is NOT an illegal Plant.
    There is no such thing as Marihuana, therefore there can be no "Medical Marijuana' or even Recreational Marihuna.
    There is only Cannabis, also called hemp.
    All you are doing is creating MORE Criminals. People here are being arrested for ALL Forms of Cannabis.
    Prohibition is Unconstitutional at the 9th and 10th Amendment level.

  4. He talks about the policy of laws passed in one state being forced to be respected by other states that do not have the same law. What about the possibility of this policy extrapolating into an end-run around the vote-with-your-feet concept in lots of applications that have nothing to do with preserving freedom?

  5. I spoke with Jordan recently and CannaSense could not have a better ambassador for their service. The only reason I didn't sign up was my tight budget won't stand it right now…but if the Nazgul don't quash it in the next year and change, you bet I'm interested once my mortgage is done. Cannabis, with high grade THC, is the ONLY substance shown to slow, reduce, or even diminish the white areas in my brain that multiple sclerosis brings. When you factor in the very real truth that the human body has cannabis receptors in its cells,, it's criminal that the War On Some Drugs cruelly keeps it from me and others like me, as well as healthy people everywhere who prefer a less toxic euphoriant than alcohol or prescription drugs..

    Apart from the fact that the government has zero legitimacy in keeping it from people, even recreational use is far less harmful than the effects of alcohol, the most vulgar drug that's perfectly legal. The government does not own my body, yet with their regulations backed by the threat of guns and cages, they've usurped my self ownership…THEY are the criminals.

  6. I have two brothers that took ten year vacations from life smoking pot, they grew up; one brother smokes occasionally, thee other doesn't use it at all.  A 42 year old friend of my has virtually ruined his life smoking pot.  I also have friends that have used it for medical purposes with good success.  There are lots of reasons not to abuse pot and no reason not to legalize it.  Get the government out of the dope business.

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