Medical Cannabis Treatment for Adults and Children – Dr. Bonni S Goldstein

Medical Cannabis Treatment for Adults and Children – Dr. Bonni S Goldstein Hemp, Health & Innovation United in Compassion 2016 Medicinal Cannabis …


  1. i wish the stupid shitty united kingdom and other horribly corrupt countries would start hearing this damn truth. so so so many lives that could be saved, but the evil globalists are ruining everything. Research Flat Earth Eric Dubay, you might find the truth is stranger than conventional fiction, same story with our Kannabossum here.

  2. 4:20 cannabis' bio-active constituents ( phytocannabinoids) are neuromodulatory lipids that via lipophilc access ( lipid loving nature ) the plant cannabinoids can modulate molecules that enter into intracelllular space and these cannabinoids maintain pro homeostasis signalling and communication to the neuron of the cell.. Each cell in the CNS communicates 15,000 cannabinoid signals a second! all of the cells signalling 15k cannabinoid signals a second is your endocannabinoid system in action maintaining every biochemical signal for homeostasis of the organism. ECS is mainly functional @ enzymatic-ally metabolizing poly unsaturated fatty acids into the cell membranes ( cannabinoid receptors). Phospolipids cleave from the lipid bi-layer of the cell membrane and via catalysts and enzymes these ligands bio-degrade into protein receptors known as G-coupled protein receptors ( 7 trans membrane receptors ) to form retrograde bi-phasic intracellular signalling that equates to a feed back loop that lets the cell know which type bio-active amide is needed ETC…. FAAH and MAGL are two main degradation enzymes used in metabolizing cannabinoids. the ECS mainly relies on two endogenous ligands to activate bio-active amides – Anandamide and 2-AG ( 2-arachidonoylglycerol ) . One ( Anandamide ) maintains CNS @ cannabinoid type 1 receptor ( cb1) while the other ( 2-AG) @ cannabinoid type receptor 2 ( cb2) the immune system but ananndamide has shown binding affinity assays to cb1 and cb2 respectively.
    phytocannabinoids from the cannabis species of plant life when ingested in man can biomimic endogenously created cannabinoid actions via metabolic roles and intracellular recognition of the shape specific compounds that lead into bio-active effects in the ECS. Bio-chemical pathways of phytocannabinoid metabolism are located in every cell protein receptor

  3. If you're going to specialize in cannabis medicine you need to understand about the endocannabinoid system why doesn't anybody talk about the endocannabinoid system? You understand the endocannabinoid system in our human body you'll understand how medicine heals.

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