Marketing President Discusses the Complexities of Cannabis | Utah in the Weeds Episode #26

Today on the Utah in the Weeds Podcast Tim and Chris talk with a marketing expert in the medical marijuana industry. They uncover the difficulties that arise.


  1. Selection hmmmmmmmmmm to bad tomatoes and green beans and other plants aren't special as who knows what flavors and strains of vegetables we don't get due to lazy corporate growing practices similar to animal farms where it's like a prison for the animals. It really makes a person wonder why only weed is meant to be studied and only weed is good enough to search for phenotypes. Money ruins everything literally

  2. I'm excited for legalization as people that are sick can grow it and save thousands…. I wonder if the right way is more aimed at corporations and exploitation over citizens being able to grow their own. Bill Hicks has a great u tube video about marketing you should look it up. It's called , Marketing and Advertising by Bill Hicks.

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