Marijuana 101 Pt2: Ways to stop coughing

Here are a few things you can do to ease coughing when smoking weed. #southafricanweed #marijuana #legalweed #southafrica MARIJUANA 101 PART 1: …


  1. These ways that help you cough less fucks you up in the long run. Unlike cigarettes your lungs clean them selves a while after you quit smoking. You cough while your smoking weed because your lungs instantly clean them selves. And if you prevent your self from coughing. All that shit that’s building up is gonna fuck you and your lungs up. Trust. Videos like this is what puts peoples lives at risk.

  2. This helped a lot! What works for me best was, keep the smoke in your mouth first, inhale a good amount of air from your nose then inhale the smoke from your mouth and like she said, exhale at the same speed.. thank you

  3. I would add keeping your smoking tools clean. Also smoking hitter bowls instead of full bowls. When a bowl is full you will be burning the already burnt weed. If you just put enough for a hit, you are always smoking green. Add a fresh clean pipe and every pull will be easy on the lungs and those tasty terps will start tingling on your taste buds.

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