LIVE: Grow Equipment DIY vs Gear to Buy [How to Grow on a Budget!]

Growing plants can be expensive, especially the kind of plants we like to grow. What can us as growers build ourselves instead of buying expensive products …


  1. Yo Bro cltv ! I have a question that requires an answer… i have a very high electricity consumption $ 350 per month .. ☹️😭 for about 30-60 plant has different veg-bloom stage in different room .. each room has the same installation same light ect my question is this 'is normal ?? I live in Quebec is that in Michigan it is the same price of electricity ?? I have 4 room

  2. so many i know toss out grow lights with cobbs,and its never ever the leds that go you need to understand a $400 cobb light will have only $7-$15 drivers so drivers go ive rebuilt so may led light cuz people assume leds went but its the cheap ass drivers they put in,its all plug and play its so easy to repair,or upgrade your own,i switched out the $7 power supplies to my 50 watt cobbs,theres 6 with 6 cobbs in a light,i replaced 6 drivers for $100 and almost doubled my micromoles for $100 with used cobb led light

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  4. I appreciate you guys this is by far my favorite channel for legit info about growing. I cant thank you guys enough for all that you do! Since I found you guys I havent needed to look much else for content! Growmies of the world 🌎 unite! Mush luv guys. I truly appreciate you for sharing your wisdom. Namaste guys! Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. Great show @CLTV
    another reason to DIY is to have everything fit your conditions perfectly rather then settle for fixed sizespace while keeping everythin discreet by avoiding purchasing from local venders thing that are labeled "growth" eqipment

  6. The AC infinity grow tents Are nice only thing that I think is wrong with them is the flap over the zipper to keep the light out it’s not thick enough so you got a watch it it’ll get sucked into the zipper other than that I love it and the price is right

  7. Love the sample content…Super Excited to watch and chill with ya'll in the future….smash the 👍👍👍 button…..better yet…..just sit on that 👍 button….and Super Smash It.

  8. The main argument I have against building a room right this moment is the price of lumber man. I’ve been wanting to get out of my tent for a couple months now but lumber is up 200% since Covid-19 I just can’t bring myself to spend the cash on wood right now lol 😂 great stream fellas

  9. There’s always growing pains with automation and obviously anything mechanical has a chance of failure. Monitor always but going into the room only when u need to is very convenient I must say

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