Let's Talk About Weed | Alpha's Opinion About Marijuana

Aaron Marino of alpha m. is nervous about this video because he stays away from controversial topics such as religion and politics. Alpha has a pet-peeve that …


  1. I smoke so much weed, but I know that if it digs into your budget too much or you just sit around and smoke rather than leading a productive life then it's a problem.

  2. You have very good content, but you blabber on too much about irrelevant things. Especially at the beginning of your videos. I always fast forward through the first few minutes to get to the gist.

  3. Do what you feel ok with its simple.
    No one pressures you
    If you have a somewhat addictive personality avoid it
    It's not a big thing.
    Respect other users or non users

  4. This is hard real facts from a guy who doesn’t wanna smoke because of real reasons and goes from poor to rich ❤️much more fascinating then telling people Don’t do it it’s the devil it’s gonna kill you and instead I love this and the way you said it’s possible you could later on and just your agreement in the end is so perfectly done 🔥on how accountability and not being responsible will effect you and this is overall the most educated advice I heard from a video about this topic

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