Is Joe Biden Anti Marijuana? New Mexico Weed Legalization & NY HomeGrow

Is Joe Biden Anti Marijuana? New Mexico Weed Legalization & NY Home Grow *Full Episode* Joe Biden has apparently sidelined a number of different staffers …


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  2. My take on home grow the room should be inspected and up to code. You pay a yearly regstration fee and tax it that way. It should be secure and child proof. Unlimited Lic is way to go and letting farmers make payments on fees is even better. Keep up the good reporting my friend. 🌿🦁🌿

  3. Is he Anti-Weed? Lol…uh duh?! Its like no one does any research on these crooks, he has never been pro weed, nor had Kamala. All that ish she said was for votes, and they got it from the dummies

  4. Banning home growing is discriminatory against people who can't afford a dispensary.
    If NC doesn't legalize soon I'll move to a place where I can grow my own. People with a medical card should be allowed to grow at least, even if re recreational home grow isn't allowed.
    You should watch Beau of the Fifth Column on YouTube. I think you would enjoy his points of view on politics. If you don't know about him you should definitely check out some of his videos. Your politics are similar to his, and mine. Cool.

  5. I'm conservative on almost everything but cannibus should be legalized. Almost all conservatives that I know feel the same way. The problem on the right on this matter is the politicians on the right are funded by first gen boomers

  6. im a hemp farmer in upstate ny and i was at the garden store today, the guy working there said he has good friends in the advocacy groups that have been going to all of the meetings in albany. Apparently anyone with a medical card will be allowed to grow 4 plants. Time to order 4 1000gallon smart pots ya'll 😂

  7. Home grown in NY? Im guessing u need like a premit or something. If yea then i'll get it, grow my own plant. Good job NY. Now time to legal it please ! War on MJ is crazy and waste of everyone time.

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