How to tell when cannabis is 3 weeks from harvest.

In this video I explain the technique I use to determine when my cannabis is entering the last three weeks of flower. Disclaimer: If you are not 19+ years of age do …


  1. People have all these wack rules for when to harvest. YOU SMELL THE PLANT EVERYDAY AND WHEN IT DOESN'T SMELL BETTER THAN IT DID YESTERDAY. This will be roughly when you have a tiny fraction of amber tri's. Then you last water Monday morning when lights go on, defoliate Tuesday morning, Friday evening starts the long night meaning no more light until cured & then you cut her down on Sunday evening. If smelling the plant doesn't work for you simply figure out which tri ratios work for you and check with a magnifier. You obviously don't have to start the cycle on a Monday XD

  2. And when that first wave of white hairs gets brown and retracts to the wave of white hairs come and do the same so the buds fill in and then its haven't a clue..when you think its ripe..let it go for a week or 2..peace

  3. Amazing plants! That was such a helpful tip! Thanks! My plants are at the same stage as you. I got some bud rot this year in the greenhouse but not very much. I use 4 fans to keep the air circulating. I need to find strains that finish earlier next year. I have my eyes on Jordon Of The Islands Seeds. I am on Vancouver Island. Cheers!

  4. What the truth is , magnify your thc crystals and half a good at least be amber in color and half milky white, DO NOT RELY ON ANY HAIR METHOD…

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