How to Safely Repot Your Cannabis Plants!

How to safely transplant your cannabis plants We advised you in a previous video about when to transplant your cannabis plants and that this process can put …


  1. I only use one pot largish for germination/seedling until I have at least four nodes sometimes five then into pots for the rest of the it’s grow where they will stay. Like wise if I grow in the ground. In the ground in use a homemade medium a 5 litre plastic to bottle cut with scissors as prop gator during may and into early June secured by chicken wire. Bambi stick. Early jun remove plastic bottle. Let nature do the rest.

  2. Once caveat to this method…. always water the plant thoroughly right before transplanting. All soil composition types are different. Some drain very well, while others don't. Wet soil ensures that it along with the roots will stay intact better… if the plant is root-bound. This has always minimized separation of the soil from the roots, and therefore greatly minimized transplant shock as it all slips out easier as one unit.

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