How To Make Premium Cannabutter | Food & Wine Recipes

Before cannabis can be used in a recipe, it must go through an activation process. Follow along to see how this premium cannabutter can be used in everyday …


  1. what kind of nonsense is this You're adding water to the bag of weed You're using a bag of weed inside of hot water what the f*** is going on here I thought we're making cannabutter

    Okay so I'm from Canada I'm from Vancouver We've been marijuana medics for the past 80 years I'm going to tell you how to make it properly no backwards methods and it's super easy.

    you can use a pot on a stove top but you really have to watch it so you don't burn it.

    I like a slow cooker The rule I use is for every 2 lb of butter you use 4 lb of cannabis. If you have really good shake you can use it I use buds top shelf. Turn the slow cooker on to the lowest setting get the butter to melt down and once it's melted add your cannabis don't grind it to a dust you can break it with your hands and still keep like half gram nugs. Let that s*** simmer on the lowest setting for a minimum of 6 hours I go 12 hours I try to do it on a Sunday when I got f*** all going on.

    I strained it in a cheesecloth using that colander is nonsense that does not keep out the particles. You can strain it however you want strain it into containers you can put in the freezer.
    Tip if you put them in one pound bricks it's easy to measure out when cooking.

    I used 1 lb of butter and made 24 cookies I just used a regular recipe and subbed butter for cannabutter. They worked out to about 110 mg of thc a cookie
    You can always infuse the butter so each brick is flavoured then you could just put it on bagels or bread as is and get baked

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