1. Маманя, во первых не так загибать надо, во вторых на солнышке не загибают, т.к. свет до земли прошел хуеву тучу км., и метр, два ничего не решают, только при лампах загибать эффективно….

  2. Found this thief stealing your videos, removing your intro trying to mkae it look like his own video. YT user That One Guy. YT video ID v=0nYY5jPdoo8

  3. love ur vids but this is the worst grow guide ive ever seen, sorry man but this must be early stuff.. you have obviously gotten much better or take grows more searous cuz how couldn't anyone get anything better then use tape like this :S

  4. Top it after it's third set of internodes and then Lst the 2 tops. Allowing the bottom to catch up and create that canopy affect. Growing horizontally multiplies the branches which become tops. Hundred full

  5. Go check out my process dudes. Super cropping, Low stress training(LST), topping, lollipopping and FIM-ing. all of it and look how happy my girls are. Happy growing guys!

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