How Cannabis Can #SaveALife // Cerebral Palsy Cannabis Advocate

This video is not monetized. Creeds Petition to Remove Marijuana Off Schedule 1 Banned Substances List: …


  1. Like Creed, I, too, have Spastic Cerebral Palsy on the lower spectrum of Cerebral Palsy, but he is so bright and has an amazing spirit. I know how fortunate I am with my Cerebral Palsy, and when I get asked why I work so hard and why am I so hard on myself by people? My answer is always the same: I do it for those who cannot, but would if they could without hesitation. Thank you for bringing this topic, Creed, and people who have Cerebral Palsy into a brightly lit platform that you have provided, Jackson. With great sincerity-Lindsey

  2. Hi Creed i would love to sign your petitions because i also have CP and have smoked it 15years and suffered with pain. Muscle spasms. and for the last 2years i have tried different like medicine from my doctor and i still have pain

  3. Really wished it was filmed in a more quite area found it a little difficult to hear what was being said 😩 but what I could hear I do agree with I think it should be legalized world wide 💚

  4. I knew 3 people that used canabis regularly and they all dropped out of school because they became too lazy. Although there was one that did it when he was like 15 and he managed to stop before it was too late. No question that for medical reasons…, doesn't seem useful to me and what I have observed.

  5. Jackson, you just took yourself and the community to a next level by breaking the ice on this topic—
    Let's get rid of all the ruins left behind by Durianrider with his straightedge Nazi tactics and ill insecure childish behavior, which he probably could have done well with a few ayahuasca trips to temper his presumptious bad behavior….
    Your only talking about medical stuff though—
    There is plenty of good reason to use cannibis for creative enhancement as well—
    Im afraid to think of what music would sound like without the usage in creative enhancement…..
    Plenty more Id like to say on this–
    But I just wanted to say BRAVO!

  6. Go!!! Creed!!! What a beautiful human being. We need to spread the message and educate people about marijuana, zero deaths in recorded history from smoking it. It absolutely has everything to do with money, if it was legal people would just grow it in there own backyard and treat ailments and disease with cannabis rather then taking pharmaceutical drugs.

    Also I think cannabis being illegal is linked to Hemp being illegal, the government doesn't want Hemp legal either because you can make oil and make fuel for transport and that would suck for many large industries because if we can create our own fuel then no more war, and no more war would be very bad for certain people who make a lot of money from war.

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