1. The people who Smoke Weed (Ganja) coz they think Mahadev used to do it….so shall we; I want to ask them that Mahadev did many other things ….like drinking poison during Samudra manthan….CAN U PEOPLE DO THAT AND STAY ALIVE?!! NO right!! Then why only admire Shiva for ur own benefit or materialistic gains…that's NOT devotion….that's being MEAN!

  2. Woow i love this question, everything is possible,is also possible when the human body is in full peace,balance with body and soul not to need anything at all for being happy and enjoy a trip to other dimensions through deep meditation 🙏💓

  3. What is driving me is Adishakti…I have no answer..because I have a mother…The mother must say who the father is…But I do not understand you .I know who the Father is .You do not recognize the society does not recognize the universe does not recognize …..✍

  4. Yeah before comparing yourself to lord Shiva in order to take weeds, you've to question yourself,can you do anything as Shiva did??He has the whole universe inside his head, flowing water outside, fire in the forehead, poison in the neck..He has everything on his body and manages them…
    You can't even compare yourself to lord, so stop being inspired to take weeds..

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