1. In maryland black people only are still secretly geting arrested for medical marijuana and evicted from there homes… it is sad I can imagine a cigarette smoker geting arrest for smoking a cigarette it's idiotic… a racist press black people were supposed to look up to put these laws in place so that police can arrest but most of all the state love convictions of black men or anything related to (black ) people… it time to stop this racist ban on medical cannabis if it's illegal why have mmcc in Maryland. Is mmcc a trick for blacks to get convictions easier??? I need to know.

  2. Marijuana Needs Regular Screening And The Growers And Companies Need To Show Proof Of The Safety Of Their Products
    Much Of The Cannabis/ Marijuana Industry Goes Unseen In What Exact Steps They Take To Ensure Healthcare 1st
    Most Of The Industry Truly Is Comprised Of Teen Adults With Little To No Knowledge Of The Plant And Products Trying To Make A Quick Buck With Nice Names And Pretty Pictures To Lure You In And Rip You Off
    There Is No Quality Standard No Regulation On Pricing
    If you Happen To Catch Your Child With Digital Scales Ask Him Or Her How Much They Are Paying For Thier 8th Or Gram Do A Price Comparison Most Likely You Will See The Local Dispensaries Have Been Robbing You Blind
    The States That Are Legal Is Good Enough In My Opinion Now We Need To Regulate Gain Transparency Set Quality Standards And Manage How Much The Consumer Should Pay BECAUSE 40 + DOLLARS FOR THE EIGHTH
    A Lot Of Don't Know What I Mean Trust Me Your Getting Ripped Off Bad Let Alone All The Stuff
    Vote To Keep It The Way It's Set Now

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