Cannabis Stocks | Should you invest in pot stocks | What marijuana stocks to buy?

Cannabis Stocks – They go up big – they go down big. People make the money – they lose the money. But are they a good investment? That depends on how you …


  1. If I wanted advice on how to miss a GOLDEN opportunity I’d take this guys advice. People seem to not be able to wrap their minds around institutional cannabis. It’s a product you consume that weight for weight is like growing money. Especially at the prices these American companies are charging compared to the over saturated, over valued Canadian market. Like they’re not even comparable. American industry is a hurricane. The ONLY reason cannabis has been restricted up to this point is because of government regulation that is currently addressed particularly through access to capital and banking. Legality aside, the only thing American companies need is a signature then they can operate under the same federal tax laws that track all their money. You’re dealing with back alley billion dollar enterprises that are being made legitimate by the federal government. This is a generational opportunity. How often do we introduce new industries into our society. Especially one that already exists. And one that supplies a product that is constantly being consumed?
    Four companies to make money on right now ..
    Only those that see the false of gold want to own it. This is better than gold and I love gold.

  2. Love YouTube’s like this. Scare people to sell Cresco labs based on debt from 2019 and ignore the 40% revenue growth quarter over quarter this year. Genius! Sell me all your shares

  3. Great info. Thoughts on Aphria? APHA (soon to be TLRY) may have a good strategic position with the addition of one of the largest craft brewers, Sweetwater Brewing Company LLC.

  4. but you've forgott something very important. this Industry is at it's beginning and start of an worldwide new Industry. that takes some time and it's normal that they burning cash and have negative eps. if you look back at Amazon in the 1998 in early start it has also negative eps and burning cash as hell also tesla. Now Amazon and tesla years later have positive cashflow. what i will say is the Stockmarket sales the Future not the past! it will be a multi Billionen Industry which is still very young. it's a bet of the Future with high risk but also high reward.

  5. Trulieve has the best management and they are the most profitable cannabis company in the world. Bigger company's like Curaleaf have more debt, i think the largest debt in the industry.

  6. Give it to me straight!!! Is NY screwed for legalization this year do you think? I swear Cuomo is doing this on purpose, it's always something for the last 3 years, get that fucker outta office damn!!!!

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