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Ending the stigma and idea of Mental Illness and cutting edge strategies for a healthy brain! Mental health can be a touchy subject for all of us. Whether you are …


  1. Listened this this during my workout this morning. I read his book Change Your Brain Change Your Life, it is packed with nuggets and nutrition tips. My 2 big takeaways limit my weed consumption and get better sleep. I am bipolar and this was very helpful! Thank you Dr. Amen and Ed! Ed your podcast continue to deliver for me. Grateful for you both. #maxout

    Also I just made a Facebook group called End The Stigma and posted this video in it 🙂

  2. Omg, I loved this from the beginning. Those 4 circles! 🔥 I needed to hear this after much studying. Recently certified in nutrition, nasm, and nlp while obtaining a psychology degree because I realized this on my own. Biology, psychology, social, and spiritual. Amazing interview. I call it philosophy, psychology, physiology, and peers.

  3. I have always found it weird that people don’t pay more attention to the food they eat and how it influences their health. When I go to work the line at McDonald’s is huge and the same on the way home.

  4. Great interview!  Appreciate how you express your gratitude for Dr. Amen.  It's not often you hear a man say "I love you" in a genuine manner to a dear friend.  Also I am grateful that there is no cursing in this interview!  🙂

  5. Ed . I notice how you use your show to grow you. yes everyone.. But I SEE your concerns.. slow down your negative thoughts on YOU.. your thoughts even 5 years from now. if its in your Heart you will SEE IT n YOU KNOW THIS… THINK..

  6. This was awesome. The world does indeed need to hear this more. So much information that this man has provided that could improve so many lives. I look forward to reading his latest book. Thanks for putting out great butting edge information. One day… I would like to hear "A Day in the Life of Ed Mylett." I suspect you have built habits and patterns that could be valuable for others.

  7. For someone who has been diagnosed with a personality disorder but utilises personal development I believe this video was the gap I've been searching for. Tip to you guys with personality disorders; take your meds you need them trust me.

  8. Also, can you link info on marijuana studies for me! Very interested to see (I don't smoke or use but would like to see the studies that show less blood flow and oxygen !) Thank you!!!

  9. Many years ago I was a heavy drinker. I used to boast about how many tequilas I could down, for goodness' sake! I also suffered terribly from depression. I drink extremely seldom now. The liquor limit for drivers in Ontario is really low, which has also helped. I bring a bottle of kombucha to parties now. I've discovered that I can enjoy myself there just as much, if not more, than with a couple glasses of wine. And I can remember everything so much better the next day!

    Thank you for a very helpful interview, Mr. Mylett. Also for admitting that you also have ANTS! I find that encouraging!

  10. He sharing Byron Katie's "The Work"
    That's her mode… "is it true" . I wonder if he came up with it or took it from her.

    🤔 either way. Amazing way to look at it and I Love Byron Katie

  11. 'You don't need to believe everything you think, and write down what you are thinking', best advice for people dealing with cognitive dissonance ! Great interview!!!

  12. #MaxOut Fan Right Here!
    I found your channel while working out of town👷, sleeping in my car in San Francisco for a PG&E Transmission Project! 😄
    Ed your impact on my focus for pushing through everything in life has been like no other.
    I remembered Your episode 🎥 "How Bad do you want Success" stopped my scrolling YouTube & Hooked me since than. Love you & your mission man 👑 Thank you for having Dr Amen on, I've been following his work for years. Amazing information, & Great Interview!!! 🔥

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