You can grow new brain cells. Here's how | Sandrine Thuret

Can we, as adults, grow new neurons? Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret says that we can, and she offers research and practical advice on how we can help our …


  1. Great talk, quite interesting, I guess it's pretty much like everything else in life, you have to find that sweet spot, too much is like not enough 😉

    Enjoy while you still can !

    I've had a rough patch in my life at one point and was very sparsely eating only rice about once or twice a day and drinking water, basically close to a 'fasting' mode diet, with eventually earlier sleep and wake up time, drinking a big glass of hot water every freaking morning and although the diet was rough (and mostly doing it out of necessity and available resources), I was feeling quite good, a little short in my available energy pool at some times but was somewhat still managing quite good (I could sleep off my 15min breaks and half-hour lunch time, but I was back at great capacity each time and wasn't feeling heavy from digestion process of indigestion ones). But of course, I couldn't or rather didn't wanted to keep up with the diet when my resources situation changed and was rather bored of such restraints, but I've personally had the proof of experience, I just wasn't a monk enough to keep it up 😛

    But I am convinced there is an easy way to live with very little, and with a better exercise routine, one can keep quite healthy with very little, but it's just to hard to keep up with such a monotone boring diet. Like meditation, it just seems such another level of life that really truly feels out of place in our 'modern' way of living, for all kinds of good and bad reasons that we consider we can excuse with.

    My salt and vinegar chips had the most amazing taste in the world after that lol but only for the first bag, the time after, the taste was already spoiled 😛

  2. That was fascinating. Thank you.
    What an amazing study. AND now I know, why I enjoy crunchy, fresh fruit and veg (I love raw veg. Since I was a child). I could never work out why??? Now I know. Thanks again.

  3. I remember watching this a couple of years ago. it inspired me to meditate. It changed my life, gave me hope, increased my brain power, memory focus health everything! For anyone who reads this, meditation works! There is hope to improve yourself! 💛😊

  4. I was very in to her presentation until she inferred antidepressants were a clear link to treating depression. There is no clear link. Once someone fridges on facts, their message is lost.

  5. My mother 93 diagnosed with demential ,it was noticible ,however fanatical christian she took up reading the king james alot 3 years later no sign of dementia anymore , from scientific view ,yes she had meds ,from biblical point yes she had the tanak

  6. Coming from someone whom could try to kill brain cells with controlled dangerous substances "binge drinks smokes and medicine pills" at least there are medics and physicians whom always are hopeful that the brain is the more than a muscle of an organ that you can may and should be exercised just like the body parts and organs(heart for example) below the cranium 💭🧠🤔👤🗣️👥👣I think I read in a book eye for an eye(eyes) tooth for tooth (teething)ear for an ear(ears) limb for a limb(limbs)foreskin included all need to be exercised with age comes experience but also the gaining of reflexes maybe the brain is a important part of connection to those type of features

  7. Creating new brain cells is evil. A person doesn't need new brain cells. If the corrupt committee of 300 would stop developing diseases and dumbing toxins in our food and water and on the land the human race can grow old naturally and die with dignity.

  8. You know it’s harder to kill brain cells then most say right? The main thing that kills them is lack of oxygen, not drugs and alcohol. Most of those people who are on drugs and act dumb weren’t smart to begin with.

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