What’s up with marijuana in Texas this legislative session? | Good Day Austin

Jax Finkel with Marijuana reform advocacy group Texas Norml joined Good Day Austin’s Casey Claiborne to talk about what they hope lawmakers will during …


  1. So long as Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick's are in office this is moot and a waste of time.

    Need to get them out of their positions before any of this is even relevant.

    I should have say so over what I consume, we're not even a fair nation when some Americans have rights other Americans don't.

    Land of the free?

    Pfft. Please.

  2. After a long day of hard work I rather go to dispensary than meeting up with the dealer, either way I will get my joint. I believe the state has a better use of my money compare to my dealers.

  3. I got sent to jail at 17 over a pot plant. It's been a year now. I'm 18 I'm on probation for the next two years and they're trying to send me to prison for 4…. texas please decriminalize…..

  4. Can I just buy weed legally I'm tired of all the bad weed and drug dealers in dallas texas . Why cant we just legalize. Colorado knows that there doing I went there last October it's so beautiful walking in to a dispensary and buying what you need. Then you come back home to texas you try buying some weed it's coming out of someone's ass just to smoke a blunt . This whole thing of weed being bad is some fucked up shit , because alcohol is bad too but they sell it every where at clubs so you can drink and drive and die . Also it could be that texas doesn't want to legalize cause where connected to mexico , which actually makes more sense to legalize it . But ok I'll just go get high now on the bullshit weed I buy from drug dealers .

  5. Why? Why is that Texas the highest population and the HIGHEST minor drug possession arrests in the entire country

    What the hell is wrong with all these pussyfooted politicians dancing around our governor needs to get the OUT he’s a clear racist against Hispanics

    People need their medicine and theirs NO reason Texas should be telling adults what they can and can’t consume especially when the UN, Canada and MEXICO of all places is already YEARS ahead of the entire country let alone the US

    Free the people of Texas from our governor free the people of Texas that are held down normal citizens that suddenly become criminals and felons for a victimless crime that is already 100s of Years out of date and implemented solely for racists reasons

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