What's The Difference Between Regular Iaso and Hemp-Infused Tea (CBD Tea)?

A lot of you have questions on what tea is for you and what the difference between these teas are..BOOM HERE IT IS! Bottom line is BOTH OF THESE TEAS …


  1. I have a concern/Question why is the CBD product not advertised on the website? its only available in trial size. I am interested in using the product but I don't understand why its not available for sale on the web site kind of sceptical

  2. Hi,my job let’s us do random drug screening occasionally and they specifically tells us that we cannot take anything that contains cbd,would the regular Iaso tea give you a positive on a drug test? and is it completely cbd free…

  3. Does anyone know if you will fail a drug test if you take the CBD tea, the lemon flavor tea that has THC in it??? I like it but not willing to risk my great job πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° if I can't pass a drug test by continuing to drink this tea. I'd rather be fat πŸ– and rich than be broke and high any day feel me.

  4. Hello Aunt BB, my sisters and I want to order a sample first, when choosing a sample do I put the English instant tea sample? Is this the same as the regular Iaso tea and do you get 3?

  5. Are the NRG pills in the bottle the newer packaging or does the NRG pills come in the flat package? I was told the new packaging for the pills is the bottle but I can’t find the bottle anywhere (or is the NRG bottle the old packaging)?

  6. Hi. I love your video. I have a question. If i order only the cbd tea will that help me to loose belly fat? I work and I DO NOT want to keep running to the bathroom πŸ˜† that’s why i am asking first before i place an order. You may have said it in your video and I apologize if I didn’t hear that part πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. Thanks

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