Using Microbes in Commercial Cannabis Cultivation panel at NCIA 2018

“Harnessing the Power of Nature to Enhance Crop Productivity” with Colin Bell of Growcentia/MammothMicrobes, Shango Los of Shaping Fire and Nathan …


  1. If I may make a suggestion, is there a way to directly connect your recording device (with an XLR cable?) to the audio system to get crystal clear audio? Either way, I greatly appreciate your work. Keep it up!

    – Covercropto

  2. love all your content Shango (listening to the whole Shaping fire a third time round) And Colin I had the pleasure of meeting when he was in Sydney. Top Bloke, thanks for all the work you boys do!

  3. Shango… dude… my heads spinning from how quickly you're moving this forward! It's impressive to say the least. Potential to positively change industrial agriculture is just around the corner… and I'll be looking for you to be there. Can't thank you enough!

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