UK Cannabis legalization

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  1. Parts of the Brain Highly Affected
    The THC in marijuana attaches to naturally produced cannabinoid receptors in the brain and changes how these receptors process information. The natural regulating mechanisms become blocked and produce an overflow of chemicals, causing the disruptions of regular brain functioning. Areas highly affected by the drug include the cerebellum and basal ganglia. These areas are responsible for movement, coordination, balance and body control. The cognitive system, including the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, are areas responsible for learning, memory and thinking. Cognitive functions are overloaded by THC during marijuana use and create lapses in thought process, time delay and loss of memory. Research further indicates that there are long-term affects to these areas of the brain when marijuana is used on a regular basis over time.
    Parts of the Brain Moderately Affected
    Marijuana use alters emotions, response time, arousal and perceptions of pain. Depending on quantity used, the THC can modify the hypothalamus' ability to regulate body functions such as temperature and reproductive function. The amygdala is the brain region responsible for emotional response; when someone is intoxicated on marijuana, this area of the brain tends to slow or blunted reactions to situations that might normally produce fear or excitability.

    Pain receptors in the brain are also changed with marijuana use. In many cases, this could be perceived as a positive function of marijuana, however, it could also be unhealthy as the body will not respond to pain as it should in order to withdraw from the pain- stimulating source.

  2. addicted to what clegg? uninformed pointless gomp that is as intelligent and well researched your stance on tuition fees (twat). not physically addictive! coke, crack, heroin alcohol and nicotine are all physically addictive and even coming from a gateway angle again each step an individual takes is a choice. we might start to address the issue when we stop gift wrapping excuses for addicts

  3. What, hold on. "Bring more money to London"? London controls the world finance, they are not going to be skint any time soon. (The business world of London that is) keep it in Europe, the U.K. is fucked and will be going down the shitter in a short amount of time. We have all come quite far with fighting the oppression of rights and freedoms, don't give up now, otherwise this would have been for nothing.. FTS

  4. OF course if you have tiny islands of 'drug legality' or 'drug decriminalisation' you're going to have 'drug tourism'… If you want to avoid this, the answer is simple: Legalise it EVERYWHERE! Simultaneously… Then the 'tourists' won't have to leave home, so everywhere only has to deal with their own thugs and slobs (and no, I'm not saying all drug users are thugs and slobs, but let's face it, some of them are!)

  5. I suppose from the perspective of task force, the user end consumers lack of need to watch their back makes the distribution more transparent which I deem as more legal trickery. From a consumer perspective – support local business as long as they are not encouraging harmful consumption like the psychiatric based pharmaceutical industry or hard drug pushing.

  6. Yeah well now you won't have to do hopefully because it will be regulated and that will be shops or doctors and the dealers won't be able to do that or will thayjust do yourself a favour and legalise it and get a lot of security which means jobs you fucking idiots sorry. But drink allowed but you can die from it, come on I'm getting angry I can't talk any more

  7. Pathetic. Making cannabis illegal locking up innocent people have criminal records. I buy my weed from 'gangsters' however ive been caught smoking weed in my flats. The police came and they only gave me a warning, i was so relieved.

  8. "Street robberies, assaults" Well I thought the money was meant too be put towards harder crimes? I don't think a stoner is going too start mugging for his next fix (unless he's just built that way with or without drugs). The guys talking bullshit, or tax payers are getting robbed.. hmm

  9. The cops would be much more effective if they didn't have to dick around with weed.

    People who would rather smoke weed currently drink alcohol to stay on the right side of the law, and we all know the things that alcohol does to people, the pain and suffering it has caused to all of us.

    Violence will drop dramatically if people can use weed instead of alcohol, and if you haven't tried both weed and alcohol (separately) for an extended period of time, then just shut up because you talking about some thing that you have never experienced, don't be a friggn idiot.

  10. ok for uk politicians and govt to hide the mps that raped children but not ok to for a dying person to have some herb.

    so to sum up uk govt stance ok to be a pedo but not ok to be a mmj user.

  11. ok so the tory govt are having a vote on europe.

    well nows the time to vote to get out if we dont get weed legalised.

    lets give them a kick in the teeth and vote to get out of europe if they dont legalise.

  12. its health issue.. Prohibition is the real problem.. more harm is done/more people have died because of it,.. the true criminals are created by it,.. corrupt, violent ever more hardened criminals result from it.

  13. Peter is right. Cannabis is mankind's companion plant. It is written as such in the bible. Break out of your apathy and mind control enough to excercise your own power of thought and intelligence….both God given gifts incidentally. You are all slowly being prepared for widespread legalization, but it will be done for the wrong reasons and the product available will be genentically tampered with. Just like the "food" which you eat these days. You face a ruling power with an agenda that most minds cannot even begin to understand. You are not sheep, you are sovereign human beings. Act while you still have the power to do so.

  14. legalize cannabis! it is not a drug but a cure, have you ever seen adverts on the tv talking about things like breast cancer? that call all be treated by cannabis and is an even more reliable medicine than aspirin since it has never killed anyone and has scientific proof whilst aspirin and tobacco can kill you and is even proven by science, the only reason why some may disagree is because they think its bad but look at people who smoke tobacco and then look at people who smoke cannabis, there are differences, one: cannabis can benefit your health whilst tobacco does nothing but kills you from the inside, two: even if cannabis does give you lung cancer, tobacco does it too and is much worse and every plant matter that is burnt causes lung cancer but there are several ways cannabis can be consumed without burning and three: it can literally save lives. paper, bio fuel, rope, this can all be made by hemp and cannabis which does good not just for us but mother nature herself so its time we see the truth and realize that what people think is bad about cannabis isn't true and we have been locking away a cure

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