Top 7 BEST LED Grow Lights 2020 – NEWEST TECH!

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  1. too much scientific bullshit for me …. surely the criteria should be , watts = lumens and watts to heat created .. I think these 2 specs would be simple and practical

  2. I’m wondering why the biggest baddest light wasn’t mentioned… FOHSE Aries there is quite literally no other light better for a tent. 3.3umol/j is insane, 1,920 implies/s, and it’s even water proof.

  3. Yo, Allllll These lights are made in china. not sure what you mean by USA made, Crecer Is just a rebrand from china someone paid to have imported… the Gavita is made in china too…. Bottom line, Do not pay 700$ for a LED that comes from china, all you are paying for /IS/ customer service. Meijiu is a good brand Though, not all china alibaba brands are transparent and helpful.

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