The NEXT WallStreetBets MEME STOCK?! 😱🚀 (Weed and Psychedelic Stocks)

With all the talk about cannabis stocks, reddit’s WallStreetBets and meme stocks… I came across the perfect wsb meme stock. Facebook Group: …


  1. I think they have been pumping the mining companies. Mara and Riot have moved! HIVE and DMG mining companies actually out performed Riot and Mara for the past week. They'll follow Mara and Roit in price, sub $5.00 right now. Even though Riot and Mara did well the past couple of days, HiVE and DMG out performed both, plus they have like a 3 or 4X potential opposed to Mara and RIot. Look at all 4 charts and zoom out to see about 6 months ago. They look the same, bet on DMG and Hive rocketing during the next stimulus check dispersion. You already know where I stand on these 2 mining companies, yes im a bag holder in both but the % increases dont lie.

  2. I can't speak for the weed side of $PULL but I think its a poor psychedelics' play. There's a few other companies ($NUMI) that are working on extraction. This quote straight from their latest investor presentation "Competitors cannot grow pharmaceutical grade" is blatantly false. There is much better options out there with similar market caps

  3. 👉🏻 ATNF (180 Life Sciences) Under the radar gem is an understatement. Potentially and very likely will trade 50X or more current stock price in due time. Co-Founded by Prof. Raphael Mechoulam "THE GODFATHER Of Cannabis Research" Discovered the Endocannabinoid system and isolating the two primary compounds, CBD and THC. ATNF has about a Tiny 1 million share true float with an addressable $150 Billion worldwide pipelines to address unmet needs of the number #1 cause of all autoimmune diseases in the world (Inflammation) and Chronic Pain Therapies with the Best Minds in the world. Dream Team All Star Management created drugs and companies that sold for over $100 BILLION. They are in Phase 3 the last phase of a potential $7.5 Billion (UK and US) and probably $20+ Billion worldwide therapy for Early Dupuytren’s Disease which there is NO other treatment available(NO competition). Phase 2 exceeded all primary endpoints. They are fully funded with grants (only the best of the best 1% ers receives grants) and cash on hand for 3 years (NO Dilution) as per CEO in their latest presentation on January 11th 2021. Market cap is tiny around $100 million. The patent portfolio covers 16 patent families with 42 patents issues and 32 pending in several important jurisdictions including the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and China. The 74 Incredible Patent portfolio alone is worth 8X the current stock price with more patents to be added as they are processed. Management owns 50% of the outstanding shares and 72% of outstanding shares cannot be sold for 12 Months and Management are NOT taking salaries.

    👉🏻PT: $175.00 – $225.00 if gets FDA approval for Early Dupuytren’s therapy. Results of phase 3 coming in few months
    👉🏻Add $150.00 on to Dupuytren’s therapy PT for any subsequent FDA approvals
    👉🏻PT: $900.00++ If successful on the CBD pipeline therapies to disrupt and replace the addictive and deadly opioid market

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