The Importance of Black Ownership & Empowerment In The Cannabis Industry

DAY 1 – Monday, February 22nd The Importance of Black Ownership & Empowerment in the Cannabis Industry – Isiah and Joshua ‘Zeke’ Thomas discuss their …


  1. Gotta love veiled racism to sell a product because you need to use skin color to promote your brand. This is just wrong, and not legit. I actually work with brands like Viola Brands (NBA investor cannabis company in many states) what stopped him? He made millions and invested by bouncing a ball and investing into something he has passion for, not because of his skin color he is famous now. Your brand will go nowhere if all you preach is you are a victim when you really are not. Real talk, delete if you are like typical corporate losers, or you can stop and debate reality. I actually worked for black growers, do you?

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