1. Loved this guys – simple yet polished. Frankly, I feel like we shouldn't care whether marijuana is beneficial or not before legalizing. Even if it was harmful, people should be able to do what they want with their body.

    If we only did what was good for our bodies then we wouldn't eat any meat or drink wine.

  2. yeah this is probably the best podcast video you guys have done. Feels like an actual podcast, and it was information overload but in a great way. Keep this up and I am sure the people will come

  3. Now THAT is how you do a podcast type video. Loved the transitions between the scenes, how organized the info was, and how structured this was. Great video I learned a ton about something I had no idea about.

  4. I have urged so many patients to give it a try. Especially for people with anxiety. I hope one day the stigma ends around cannabis so its tried more. I have seen people completely turn their lives around just my using it as you have Dustin. Great episode

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