1. For what it's worth, I have used pretty much every drug imaginable on a recreational basis. Everyone has a unique set of neuro-transmitters, but I can say for certain that from my perspective, marijuana is on par with mind-altering drugs like lsd and mushrooms, etc. If you're not wired to smoke pot, etc. you're in for a terrible trip. We are talking disturbing mind-altering experiences that, depending on your nature, might take you down dark paths. So kids, don't feel pressured to smoke pot just because all the cool kids do it. If smoking pot causes you anxiety, don't do it. Although there are obvious exceptions, taking drugs is meant to be a fun and temporary mind-altering experience. There's plenty more out there that will serve the purpose of getting high. Enjoy!

  2. I don’t think he had schizophrenia. He seems really capable and clear during the recording of the Madcap laughs recordings and outtakes. Was he not just manically depressed. It’s a bit like Brian Wilson just staying in bed and getting fat.

  3. That whole urban myth of jumping out a window comes from the CIA agent involved in the mkultra LSD program objecting, getting a hammer in the back of his head and thrown out a window. I’ve done thousands of doses of LSD, never had a “flashback” never thought I could “fly”. All lies to stop you from discovering truth.

  4. LSD no doubt destroys the mind , i used lsd continuously from 1966 to 1973 , and it is no doubt the reason I am bat shit crazy and dumber than a bag of hammers today , my family have long stop having anything to do with me , even my children stopped even calling me years ago , now I'm old and alone and I can't wait to die…..I guess what I'm trying to say is NEVER , NEVER , NEVER ,EVER do drugs….please please listen.

  5. My feeling is that psychedelics dont “cause” mental illnesses but rather trigger them in some people who have the propensity to have them. Nick Drake is another amazing musician who may have developed mental health issues related to his use of drugs.

  6. I believe use of psychedelics is very dangerous. I had a friend who used LSD regularly back in the 1980s. He seemed to get crazier and crazier as time went on. He is now serving time in prison for the murders of two members of his immediate family.

  7. You can hear the evidence of SIDS psychopathology by listening to one of the first albums. There is a song on it called “small species of animals gathering together in a forest and grooving with a pict.” If you listen to the song, the first thing that comes to your mind, even as a 14-year-old which I was the time, indicates psychiatric instability. So thank you so very much Dr. Grande for it last explaining why Sid was so very very schizophrenic.

  8. Messing with drugs is playing with fire . Especially when your young . The adults tell us
    It is wrong while they are putting toxins in their bodies and media , Hollywood glamourize this activity . So I wanted sex drugs and rock n roll as a youth . I will not do hard drugs much anymore . I'm 51 . Still drinking and smoking . Hard to stop .

  9. I enjoyed the video, but Dr Todd correctly points out the deficiencies of early LSD research – using anecdotal evidence of long term effects – then uses unqualified anecdotal evidence of short term effects of LCD at the end.

  10. I didn’t even know him, but his story sounds eerily similar to Peter Green, who co-founded Fleetwood Mac. He also took lots of LSD and apparently went mad after he took an LSD trip in a commune in Berlin in 1970. Later that year he left the band. And later in the 70s he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He even received electroconvulsive therapy as treatment.
    Btw a former colleague of mine who was a heavy marihuana smoker had a psychotic episode once. I think she had been using marihuana at that moment. I believe that íf you are prone to it (even without knowing it), drug use can be the ultimate trigger (trigger, not cause) to actually fall into a psychosis for example. I don’t know if this former colleague of mine still receives anti-psychotics, but I do know she still uses marihuana. Though maybe not as much as she did before. I know she has a progressive muscle illness which keeps her home bound a lot, so I guess I understand why she does it, but personally I think it’s unwise.

  11. Psychedelics are a spiritual tool, not a recreational one—in my opinion. I’m excited for the possibilities of current and future research, along with legalization for medical purposes in a controlled environment.

  12. Wow. I cant believe he died alone with no money or children. He was so handsome too. And British! If I lived back then I would have took care of him. Couldn't some lady have made it work? I mean COME ON! He is Sid Barrett! He wrote for Pink floyed . That would have been awesome to be around him even with schizophrenia and all. It would have been awesome to pick apart his mind. Wow..

  13. Lol 12 minutes in grande starts dropping the hot wives-tales/anecdotes. You forgot the guy that peels himself like an orange though, If we're touching all bases here. I love when youtubers just wing out urban legends with the same zeal as substantiated facts. Nice job, Grande!

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