Poll: Americans Solidly Pro Weed Legalization

For marijuana advocates, the last 12 months have been a period of unprecedented success as Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize …


  1. So I guess that seeing as 1/4th of the population smoked weed last year, that 1/4th of the population must be idiots – including our last 3 presidents who all smoked weed. Even a guy like Steven King must be an idiot, because he's a total stoner – forget the fact that he's sold hundreds of millions of copies of his novels and is incredibly successful – he's an idiot too.

  2. Weed does have carcinogens, what the study was saying is that it seems like something about weed has a protective effect against cancer, so the cancer rates for weed smokers vs non-weed smokers was fairly similar, but weed definitely has carcinogens too. I'm fairly sure I've seen studies since then which do find a link between heavy weed smokers and lung cancer, but that it isn't nearly the rate of tobacco smokers who get lung cancer.

  3. But this ia AMERICAN 'democracy' where the nanny state of corporate rule of the people will decide if the people can be allowed to have it legalised. If your serogate mommy and daddy with their corporate logo thinks their profits wont be hurt they MIGHT let you have it…

  4. So its a rant when you don't have anything to come back with, huh? Must be nice being dumb. Don't have to think too hard and hurt yourself. It must be easy for you too. Do us a favor and don't waste anymore of my time.

  5. Well, my first-hand evidence differs; my friends and I used to smoke weed at least 10-12 times per week, and drastically cut down on our alcohol consumption during that time, from around 1986-1990. All of us are currently doing fine, and supporting ourselves and our families quite well.

  6. You don't have shit to say because your life sucks so bad that you point fingers elsewhere to my parents? They had no idea I smoked fyi. They supported me in everything else. So no, they weren't shitty. Not everyone has worthless parents like yours probably were. I made it to where I am now even while smoking and I can clearly see your life is shit since you have nothing to show for it. Oh sorry, I forgot its none of my business how crappy and worthless your life must be. Have a good day.

  7. How exactly, from a clinical standpoint, does marijuana use make people "idiots"? Only from a clinical standpoint of facts, okay? Anything else is just your narrow-minded opinion.

  8. Really now? I've been smoking since I was 14 (24 now) and I graduated Valedictorian of my high school. I assume you've never smoked so my question to you is, what have you accomplished in your life?

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