Owls TV – TOP Reasons to try DELTA-8

Hey Parliament! In this episode we go through our top reasons why YOU should try Delta-8. * DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT ON THE VIDEO TO BE ENTERED …


  1. Try it if you want to increase productivity as an active cannabis user. Reduce stress and anxiety without the depressive side. Lighten your mood and enjoy some laughter. Regain memory and inspire creativity. People who have had addiction can take comfort in it being legal, as well as the night and day difference between the two. It was shown to have shrunk tumors back in 1975 while the other deltas only increased survival time and comfort and appetite. I would heavily imply health benefit especially on the caps and gummies but even the carts are better than most being low voltage vape, and heavily tested. Aight ima go vape n chill ✌

  2. Personal opinion i don’t get too high if I yack i yack same thing with alcohol like if I yack a little it’s whatever I’m still having fun with my close friends

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