New Age to Jesus Testimony (Manifestation, Yoga, Crystals, Universe, Weed, LOA)

Raw and unfiltered truth of how Jesus saved me from New Age deceptions. Hope you find this useful and I pray that God works wonders in your life. I know He …


  1. Thank you so much for sharing and speaking the truth! 🤍 I have a similar experience coming from new age to Jesus Christ. I love hearing people’s testimonies and seeing how God changes people’s lives. He is so good! Also I love the background of your video, it looks so beautiful. God bless you, sister x

  2. What is your view on the ego death experience so many have trough psychedelics? These people describe the experience of merging with God, feeling the deepest love and bliss and forgetting they're individuals, forgetting their identities, even their families and all of their individual values they have in this lifetime. This concept that our individual existence, identities and values in this life are just illusory and temporary has destroyed me, given me huge existential anxiety. What do you think is happening to these people who have the ego death experience? Doesn't it suggest that non duality is the truth? (only God is real, individuality is temporary)? What do you think our individual essence consists of, are our values derived from our essence or is it just neutral consciousness and our values are determined by our experiences?

  3. Thank you for sharing ♥️ I've recently been awakened to the false light awakening and new age deception. I must admit I am so confused right now but also have experienced being saved from a demonic entity a few years ago after playing with a Ouija board. Calling for God's name immediately stopped the torment. Now to build a relationship with God again…

  4. The ultimate master is YAHAWAHSHI ❤️
    The Holy Trinity is the true living GOD
    GOD in one form
    2 Son of GOD YAHAWAHSHI ❤️ 👑 (Jesus Christ)
    I'm the devil's Master
    I'm the true living GOD's YAHAWAH Slave
    I'm under the foot stool that belongs to my master YAHAWAHSHI ❤️ GOD THE MASTER YAHAWAH ONLY and I kiss the both feet that belongs to my master YAHAWAHSHI
    And no one else at all
    And all of my Enemies specially the greatest enemies THE DEMONS AND THE SATAN lucifer are all of under my both foot stool
    Amen ❤️


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