1. Great vid. I've built up a strong position in Braveheart (BRH) as they're expected to announce their market leading rapid covid test this week. Share price is expected to increase 3-5x due to their very low market cap and they are bullish on the results, along with Paraytec the scientific company making the test. Definitely one to consider tomorrow imo.

  2. Got this @4p and bought 50,000shares!!! I knew this was going to go to the moon and this is a long hold for me at least 3months🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀

  3. Just put 20k I trust what you say man you’ve always been almost spit on for everything else absolute legend cannabis is something I strongly believe in aswel, if you ever need to borrow a prestigious car message me il sort u out for free

  4. Yes mate massive fan of your vidz keep smashing it would love to do a Collab sometime if your on it one of the only stock crypto channels that I believe in you’ve been earning me good roi for weeks I owe you a drink big up man top guy sick edits aswel 👊👊

  5. Thanks for the detailed information 🙏🏿, i just subscribed and turned on my notification bell. Definitely keeping it on my radar.
    Check out as well £KNB still doing my DD on it as well

  6. I got informed about this one today from an long time trader, it's got a decent chance of X10, glad you covered it. I see it as pretty low risk of dipping when you take in to account it's the 1st UK cannabis stock (if I'm not mistaken)

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