1. You didn't give it a chance and you went to the wrong person if you had went to a dispensary the people there would of told you what you need don't mean to attack you but I think it has many benefits please don't take this the wrong 👍

  2. First you tried the synthetic THC without CBD and you didn't like that. The lower the CBD the higher you will get and synthetic is not real Cannabis. I use it for pain and it works very well. I mainly use it in the evening. As a musician it really helps creativity when improvising and makes it more fun. I grow my own so it costs nothing but electricity and I now have a lifetime supply. I have just received some seeds that have %20 CBD and as low as possible THC. Because I don't always want to get High when using it for pain or for my allergy related asthma. Hopefully this new plant will work without the THC. I make a tincture with the Cannabis or use a vaporizer.

  3. Ya the THC is problematic for me as well.
    Same same the very same control issues the paranoia the pain intensified. The prescription narcotics. No damn good.
    The CBD however is different. No high no euphoria. It is so subtle but there is something there for sure. A sense of well being a sort of peace but no euphoria or inebriation at all.
    However one brand was good while another caused stomach upset pain diarrhea. So its hybrid version and or fillers that make a difference in tolerance.
    God Bless You with devine healing intervention.

  4. I really appreciate your videos. They have helped ease my anxiety for my laminectomy tomorrow. I do however disagree with the medical marijuana. I am similar to you with creativity and relaxing isn’t my thing. I first got my license from the doctor. I was against going to the doctor but I was in a lot of pain so I had to try something. Plus the opioids and all of other things they were shoveling at me had to be felt with. I tried it and said absolutely not. I am not a smoker never have been and never will be. When I tried it I had a similar experience. It was awful. I later learned that it was not the right product for me. after a year of fighting with family who works in the medical marijuana field I finally gave in to try again. I finally found the right medication to help me I don’t get high or feel high at all. My Neuro said he wants me to continue my regimen . The hospital actually also called to continue the medicine once I get out of surgery, which I thought was shocking. I figured I would get regular pain meds. Also they are called prescriptions and it’s much different then the cbd stores.

  5. for 6 months I've had a marijuana prescription for 6 months I've been able to sleep and to eat but last week Florida has removed chronic pain from the marijuana treatment list as they say that it doesn't work on chronic pain at all and pain management patients are actually just seeking to get high rather than manage pain.
    someone please help us here in Florida.

  6. chew on peppercorn to reduce THC effects ( cannabimimetics) … use citicoline too @ 3 to 5 times more THC ingested to stop THC effects… lemon juice to will decrease the acetylcholine inhibition of THC… use CBD to decrease the effects of THC… THC is used directly for pain and usually the high helps aid the individual to enjoy the medicine while it is active in your body… some people take a while to adjust to THE effects and or titrate with the cannabinmimetics
    8:40 – predicted that up to 50% of doctor prescribed medications are made to target the G protein-coupled receptors located in the 7 trans membrane super family of receptors… phytocannabinoids in cannabis ( 144 identified ) access G proteins as well and effect change in the cellular membranes.. that is competition with 50% of approved medications… doctors would rather you keep on the single compound medicine rather than you treat with cananbis with so many biologically active compounds that can be self tailored via ingestion routes or routes of administration… one type cannabis can be used in multiple ways with differing metabolic responses..
    here is the actual wording to describe the pain reducing phytocannabinoids… Retrograde signalling… those biologically active plant ligands metabolize into humans neuronal cells and create a feedback loop ( retrograde) that informs cells of how many signals and messages are needed for homeostasis..
    phytocannabinoids are neuromodulatory lipids. here is the term- depolarization induced suppression of inhibition of neurotransmitter release . I can present links that show the action if you are so inclined , let me know… "Granny storm crow list " is the largest source of cannabis medical knowledge in the world

  7. Hello everyone, I will say just watched this video and had to comment. In the midst of pain and looking forward to another surgery……..laminectomy, discectomy and add a synovial cyst to the mix. I had taken opioids for many years for chronic spinal problems . Had a laminectomy L3-L-4-L-5 approx. 8 years ago now it is L-5-S-1. I also have double S curvature of my spine. I have been a regular medical 🏥 marijuana patient since the program started here in Michigan and maybe a few years prior. I discovered it really by accident. It was after my moms funeral and decided to hit the joint that has passed by me for so many years always declining it. To my amazement with-in 10minutes a lot of my spine pain had reduced and the tightness had somewhat declined. This was years prior to my first surgery. Before pot I was on so many opioid pain killers along with muscle relaxers that talk about no energy or creativity these pain killers, killed for sure along with other things. Even going through this bout of spinal pain and issues I continue to use daily, smoking and ingesting it as I also have severe arthritis in my spine which pot works amazingly well on. It takes the edge off as nothing short of death will take this spinal nerve pain away completely. My advice is try it and maybe a miracle will happen for you too. Don’t frown upon something that was put on this earth naturally and was used for who knows how long for different ailments. Thanks for the videos and continued healing success to you and to everyone else think 🤔 positive about our pain issues going away. My surgery is coming up on Wednesday feb 27. 🙂

  8. It seems like you don't know how to research anything, because CBD oils and pills and topical cream doesn't get you high. It's a really strange and close minded thing to say that all medical marijuana is a guise to get high. Close minded and contrary to current scientific knowledge.

    What do you mean "the whole thing was a lie" like you said at the end? That doesn't make much sense to me, who lied to you or what is a lie about medical marijuana?

  9. nice video thanks, i take Dronabinol (Marinol), i have chronic nerve pain taking Tramadol & Gabapentin and have tried this but i spend the day stoned which is not nice as you have no interest to do anything, i have started and stopped 2 times but i would like to know please how long do i have to take Dronabinol (Marinol ) before the stoned feeling goes or i get used to it ???? Thankyou

  10. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain for past 7 almost 8 years which the whole time being prescribed opioid, and opiate drugs. I just had my 6 or 7th back surgery yesterday but about a month ago I was asked by a couple of medical professionals if I’ve tried marijuana for pain before which was no and would I consider it they each gave me a couple of dr’s to contact to give me a recommendation, so I chose one visited him we talked about my history of my condition about the program, and what he thought my response to it might be. Here in NJ in order to enter the medical marijuana program you must have four visit to a dr to create a bonafide relationship first visit was 50.00 then each other visit was 99.00 via tele-visit over cell or computer then after last visit they fill out any and all paperwork and submit it to the state for me. Approx. 2-3 weeks later after paying the state for my card I had it, I’ve visited 3 of the 6 dispensaries in my state and have to say they were wonderful with sitting down with me and discussing my pain or medical condition with me and helping me find the right products and strains to help with my issue and I have to say I feel better now then I had been with all the medication I was on I ended up creating other medical problems because of the medications I was on so I can say medical marijuana has made a really big impact on my life past couple weeks we’ll see how it helps with my surgery pain I had yesterday don’t really want to fall back into pill pain medication. Thank you for your videos 🙏🏾

  11. Medical marijuana isn't legal where I live yet (we have plenty of activists pushing our government to fix that). In my state, you can possess 'a small amount for personal use', but large amounts will get you done for dealing. Personally, I see marijuana the same way as I do alcohol. Smoke if it's your thing, don't if it's not. And either way, it just shouldn't be illegal. The only reason I don't smoke it, is because it's illegal.
    Anyway, I've had chronic pain for about 7 years, since a horror pregnancy with my youngest. I haven't had a day free of pain in all that time, and recently our government decided to make all codeine prescription only, so I couldn't even get by on the low dose stuff I could get over the counter. And doctors here are very leery about continuing to prescribe opiates for long periods of time, as they get investigated for it.
    So, finally after a really shitty day, my (adult) daughter happened to have a bit of marijuana and asked if I wanted to smoke with her.
    I responded I was in a heap of pain, and said as long as my partner didn't have an issue, I'd give it a go, to see if it lived up to the hype.
    Sidenote: I have smoked it before, a long time ago, recreationally.
    So she rolled us up a couple of joints, and after my younger two were settled into bed, we smoked them. About halfway into it, my pain just vanished. The pain relief lasted about 24 hours. My daughter even commented that I was in a really good mood the next day. We had another joint the next night, just for the hell of it (my youngest kids had gone to their dad's for the weekend), and it's now 48 hours later and I'm just getting twinges now. This weekend I've been out to the movies, my partner and I went out for breakfast this morning, and then went shopping after, and I am in almost no pain, given that kind of active weekend used to leave me needing a day of rest and recovery.
    I don't want it to become an unhealthy habit, but after chatting with my partner (who has no issues with marijuana either, but his job does random drug tests. While testing positive for it likely wouldn't get him fired, in his industry, it would get him a stern talking to), I'll likely be continuing to use it, as sparingly as possible to manage my life.

    I should add, I slept REALLY well, but was fine the next day, no hang over. I would not be able to use it during the day, as I did get pretty stoned, but that doesn't bother me. I'd be restricting it to no more than 2-3 times a week, and will continue to see my doctor for my other issues as needed.
    If my government can get around to legalising it, I'll be hoping to test out some different strains, to see if high THC or high CBD is better for me.

  12. I do know someone that uses it for chronic pain and there have been a couple of cases here in NZ where it has helped people with extreme forms of epilepsy. From what they have told me, avoid THC and use the cabinoids (CBD) as that is the bit that helps.

  13. Totally agree.. I don't want relax, i want to live, to act, to have energy!!!!! I just want to live be able to use my body and brain properly and stop the horrible pain. Being drugged by anything is no quality of life to me.

  14. Well yes they charge between 150 and 300 depends on how greedy is the doctor and then you have to pay some more to the state for the Id… I tried the cbd and worked no in full but I felt relief.

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