1. Oh my goshness, what is this propagandistic reefer madness? Marijuana is patently evil, a gateway drug, people cannot be trusted to limit themselves, and private companies couldn't possibly safely produce it, etcetera etcetera. Also people.. methinks the government needs to lay the hammer down on bananas 🍌– and people are getting too friendly with cucumbers 🥒 so let's make them a controlled vegetable.

  2. good fucking grief people. Cannabis is NOT A DRUG! THC is a drug that is in cannabis.
    Those drugs/compounds found in cannabis by the way, are good for you not bad. The cancer industry and the drug companies will lose billions of dollars if cannabis is made legal. You won't need their valium, zoloft, prozac, xanax, or any of the other so called "anti-deppresants" with all their horrible side effects like suicidal thoughts and shit if you can grow your own in your back yard and they'd lose billions! You won't need as much of their percocet, loritabs, tylenol, if you can grow your own pain reliever in you back yard! Cannabis oil could be used just like diesel fuel so the oil companies would loose billions too. There are over 20 thousand uses for cannabis and the fibers and compounds that it contains. But they don't want you to know that. THC has been shown to shrink cancer tumors and the government has known that since 1974. But there is no money after you're cured for them to collect. Life times of treatmen, on the other hand makes the billions! Wake up America!
    Of the people by the people for the people? Right!

  3. 04:41 of course he just had to mention his love for those disgusting firearms something that has nothing directly to do with the subject at hand. But good on him for spreading the healing herb…

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  5. They sit and monitor medical marijuana shops… lol but the pharmacies are ok! Nothing illegal would ever go on around a pharmacy with pills! But that dirty plant is bound to have a ton of illegal activity that we need to monitor it, even when its legal! lol who writes this stuff?!?!

  6. I see the arguement for it. I walked into a MM dispensery in Denver. I strangely did not feel any freer than before I walked in. I choose not to consume weed. If you want to, fine, but respect my right not to.

  7. @michal1992254
    Well then I guess we shouldn't do anything.
    Thank you Captain Status Quo!!
    You really saved the day.
    Choice is freedom. You should have a right to put whatever you want in your body, but in return you do not have a right to have other citizens supplement your lifestyle.

  8. I find it funny that Tobacco companies are constantly ridiculed for "marketing to children", but it seems perfectly OK to put weed in brownies, lolipops, and ice cream, and sell it.
    I got nothing against weed. I'll be on board with it under two conditions. Get the hell off the tobacco companies, and eliminate, or severly restrict access to welfare programs.
    If you wanna turn yourself into a zombie go ahead, I just shouldn't have to subsidize your life style.

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