1. I heard the best way to get high with cannabis leaves are to put raw leaves and citrus acid in together along with whatever else you want to get high. Apparently the citrus changes the thc acid into smokable thc. Someone online did this with 15 fan leaves, and claimed they got high for hours. Others also say if you bake them for long enough at a certain temp, like 220 degrees, it activates something and also converts the thc acid into smokable thc. Try making canna butter off raw fan leaves as well. Lastly if you’re growing, I hear only use leaves past 5 weeks old. Those ones have the most thc in them. Obviously substantially less than bud, but with enough leaves, 15 or 30, you could make some good stuff. I once smoked cannabis fan leaves that were dry and only smoked a half and got a bit buzzed. Not fully high but it was okay. It also had to do with the strain and the method the growers used which is why the leaves had enough to get me buzzed from smoking half a leaf.

  2. Bruv, please educate yourself on how to ingest cannabis healthy, it brakes my heart seeing these kinda video's, when you light up the plant, buds or fanleaves, Loads of toxic stuff and cancerous stuff is released into ur body, better to vape or press into live rosin then smoke it from a rig with a e heater on it. #StaySafe #StayHealthy!!! Nice video tho πŸ˜€

  3. Bro have to ask that
    After crushing the leaves we just roll and smoke right
    Because we see different type of stuff when we purchase it….
    And the leaf just becomes powder type…

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