LEAF [ The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis

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  1. Im in a similar boat. I started getting seizures aged eighty. Fit as a fiddle everything working. I had found a herb/ spice juice mix of ginger garlic and vinegar stopped all the problems. I had got as far of terrifying head problems where I was afraid to lie down or close my eyes. The juice in about 15 cc lots morning and night stopped it all. But I travel. And carrying enough of this juice and refrigerating it was a problem. I found cbd oil. Works just as well as the juice and much less problem carrying it about. But, its not a cure ! Consternation ! How can it stop the problem but not cure it ? Surely if it can stop the problem it must be possible to make it cure it ?mind you, Im grateful to have my normal life back. But I feel even now I might only live another twenty years. Do you realise thats a life sentence. Why cant I live for another hundred years. What do I need to take ? Ill take it.

  2. raw foods heal ! mostly cooking our food destroys a major portion of the enzymes needed for your body. Its better to juice and eat fresh and raw. Burning or heating certain foods releases toxins which can be harmful for the system.

  3. Listen to that domestic enemy cop telling us whether he approves of our use of our GOD given plants or not. Hey traitor, DO NOT tread on my unalienable rights. we have a absolute right to own, grow, use and trade ANY and ALL natural plants on earth, regardless of your opinion or lying indoctrination.

  4. Well, I believe in the healing power of Cannabis but is it really raw cannabis doing the healing or the juicing? The women at the start started juicing at the same time she introduced cannabis leaves to her diet. I also have no doubt there could be nutritional benefits in the plant without heating it and THCA does have healing properties BUT as Matthew Sands stated below, most reported healing has come from heating it via Decarboxylation or smoking. I would love to see some real results from juicing veggies versus juicing raw cannabis with veggies. Also would love to see how much one would need to eat, maybe cookies( healthier than smoking) a combination of decarb cbd with thc. If a person can create a product with low THC and high cbd( should be non psychoactive) would they heal faster then juicing? Need to find product and people to experiment on. 🙂

  5. I'm so glad that she recovered and feeling way better. I hope that she never feel any pain and etc. Of course why not. It is very natural and non chemicalized. Pharmaceutical companies always after profit that's why they don't want to the loose the market and the profit. And most of them they are not natural that's why people having more harm than cure.

  6. I tripped across this about 2 years ago and it really got me fired up. I live in Colorado and have a small garden and I figured that if nothing else, it would be a way for me to use my waste in a very healthy way. I ended up giving the juice to a couple very sick friends. One had RA but the juice put it into remission and she saw an end to her migraines as well. The other had multiple myeloma and fibromyalgia, and was on medication for insulin resistance as well. The juice put her cancer in remission, relieved her fibro, and she was able to stop taking her diabetes medication. It also improved her vision…WHAT?! Yes! She had to go for an appointment to get a lighter prescription. HOWEVER, all of these conditions require maintenance. When the juice dried up, all the misery came back, just as I feared. You MUST fight for the right to grow your own garden. Fight for your right to make and keep yourself healthy.

  7. but why was she sick in the first place? She didn't have a cannabis deficiency. The idea that cannabis is just going to fix everyone is a dangerous idea. just like using other drugs to cover up problems instead of getting to the root of the problem. That said, it seems like a hopeful tool. I'll try it.

  8. Hi thanks for your time with us! I believe if it works go for it. Is way better than intoxicating our body's with pills after pills with all the killings side affects it gives us. This mess up government doesn't want us to learn good plants for healing our bodies. Of course maybe if you give then a cut of cash maybe yes. Like for instance they won't band the deadly cigarette industry. Why why I wonder ? Kuz the tobacco company gives them a cut. Then they wonder why smokers get cancer. Look top of the line , they don't care about who they harm. All they want is the cash. How sad but is the reality who the really are. Plants will heal us, not intoxicating chemicals. Thank you.

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