Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drink Product Review; The Energy Drink with Hemp.

In this video, we are going over Kona Gold energy drink…the energy drink with hemp in it! Hemp has a lot of uses so we’ll take a closer look at this energy drink …


  1. The always-honest caffeine man telling it like it is! I am pretty fond of hemp-based foods mainly because of the high protein, high fiber, and balanced mix of essential fatty acids. These energy drinks have none of that as you point out. It sounds like they’re perfectly fine energy drinks which would be great, but naming them hemp-anything goes beyond marketing hype and starts entering the realm of deceit in my opinion. I’m a hard pass on these, but keep up the good work. I always learn something useful!

  2. Mediocre energy drink with just enough hemp to justify calling it a hemp product. The stock is a pump & dumpster fire that caters to get-rich-quick trailer park AMWAY gen-Xers, boomers, & suckers who’ve never traded a day in their lives. If you like throwing your money down the toilet, just throw it down the toilet. The stock is garbage. Suckers Welcome

  3. Give it to me straight, The Caffeine Man. In your copious amounts of spare time, would you consider doing an award video? Some categories could include most consistent, best can design, most creative flavors, and trendsetter. Would people even watch that, ha

  4. Fascinating and informative video on a unique product CM. With the increased popularity of these types of products (especially CBD), Kona may be the first of an upcoming trend. Let's see if the energy drink market can sustain this brand. At least they offer a unique flavor in Bubble Gum! Other than Ghost (who offers a Bubblicious pre-workout powder), I can't think of any other bubble gum flavor.

  5. Yeah the only reason why and it says organic camp it's just for marketing there's not enough in there to even be beneficial so it's pointless to even put any hemp in there but legally they can market it as a hip drink or hip energy drink as long as I guess there's a little bit in there so but it's pointless having it in there I wonder how much hemp that other one had in it that I saw and it wasn't kind of gold I had sent you the link for it I think I saw it on Amazon or something

  6. Hemp seed extract takes all CBD and other questionable legality trace cannibinoids in it out (some including minute amounts of THC.

    Delta 9 is the only federally legal one that you can buy anywhere that will have effects worthwhile. Cbd is not that great unless it's full spectrum (trace amounts of delta 8 thc)

    Basically none of them have good effects without the other, unless you just want to get high. This is a blanket statement but generally is true.

    Delta 9 = still illegal federally and in many states will 100% get you high
    Delta 8 = legal federally but we will see how long it takes for them to pull that from shelves too will get you high but not similar to the regular stuff. It's a weird body sleepy haze.
    CBD Broad Spectrum = Totally legal everywhere because it actually cancels out some of the effects of THC and is not known to be psychoactive by itself. Some people report inflammation in the body being lowered, but there's no solid evidence showing it does that by itself.
    CBD Full spectrum – still very low effects when factoring in amount you have to consume, but legally allows for .3% thc in it, so will have some effects but mostly a dull weed high.

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