Just another Weed Grow – Is that a Hermaphrodite? Is my Cannabis plant pollinated?!

It’s obviously extremely frustrating to have this happen and really couldn’t have come at a worst time. Just take note and TEST your genetics against ALL kinds of …


  1. Just an FYI, don't fret just yet!!! Edit, Crap Nick I didn't see this is 2 weeks ago 🙁
    I had the same happen with my kepper mom Dark Plasma #5 and her sister #1.
    I had sexed them, found 2 females that I liked from 3. Took cuts and filled my 5×5 tent with 6 cuts of #1 and only 1 cut of #5.
    The number 1 was very lanky so I was running a scrog primarily and focused on my #1.
    Disaster at Day 14 leaf strip. All 6 cuts of my number 1 hermed. No nanners in the buds (true herm) just male parts on the lowers. It's import to differentiate I think.
    Long story long I chopped all 6 cuts and the culmination of 6 months background work had led to that winter run… so it hurt bad.
    I kept the 5 going and wouldn't you know it 2 days later a couple of male parts on this one…
    Now I'm screwed if we lose this plant with 0 medicine so I kept her, wishing I had kept the other since I was expecting seeds anyway.
    I removed male parts and once more I had stressed her out and she did it again. That time I missed 2 parts and they opened however no viable or visible pollen was released. No seeds in the final product either so the point of my long story is that I think the extreme genetic diversity in the cross maybe or a heavy Thai influence is causing the issue however, it might not actually be a problem.
    I plan to continue running my #5 it's just in a league of its own. I popped some more and found a very hearty one but it's just such a low yeilder so far.
    Anyway hope it's not actually viable pollen brother. Stress induced male parts, temporary?

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