1. I'm gonna stick to your regular beard products, but this is very informative and i can tell yall put a lot of effort into mixing your scents and getting the right ratios. When i originally opened The Strategist, i was worried cause i only got a vanilla scent, but when i rubbed it into my hands and applied it to my beard, I got that leather scent i wanted.

  2. Really good advice Wizard! CBD industry products are full of scammers like anything that is popular and produces significant money. Your video will literally help prevent people from being scammed by unscrupulous companies.

  3. Very informative and transparent video Wizard! Only have 2 cbd oils cuz I’m still sceptic on results but one is fable ! Thank you this was great to watch!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥🔥

  4. I absolutely love your CBD, once I tried it I’ve been hooked. Only other CBD I’ve tried is Dan Cs ice. I have 100% trust in the Wizard and I’ll always come back. Currently have 2 Growers oil and 1 balm, 2 Angler oils and 1 Witch Doctor, all top notch!

  5. I absolutely love “The Grower”, my favorite beard oil from you guys! Every time my man wears it, I just Want to sniff his beard all day 😂😂 actually, you guys gave us “the Lover” as a mystery add on, and omg… soooo good! Thanks for your amazing products

  6. Yes, I do believe the COA matters. Buying with confidence is important to me and it should be for anyone slabbing this stuff on their face everyday or ingesting the tincture. Lastly, I will leave you with this… the Herbalist oil/butter is fantastic! Beard on!

  7. Thanks for looking out Collin! that's why your one of the best companies out there right now. we all greatly respect an owner who cares about his customers and takes pride in knowing their products are the best they can make them. Much Respect

  8. Just my humble opinion. I find the COA incredibly important for a tincture, or anything that has an expected psychosomatic effect on my body. I really don't find it particularly important for the beard oils I'm buying. I just haven't found enough evidence that the overall benefit CBD has on beards is drastic enough to warrant that level of analysis considering the price is hardly more expensive than a typical beard oil. Specifically beard products, I view it the same as other beneficial carriers like ostrich oil or emu oil or squalene oil, etc.. I'll give it a shot and if I notice a bad feel in beard, I won't necessarily chalk it up to the CBD, I'll just move on to another oil. I trust the companies I'm buying from aren't using expired or harmful ingredients. Just personally, I wouldn't do that level of research as a beard product consumer, but I WOULD for a tincture.

  9. Got my first products from fable recently and love them. If that wasn’t enough reason to be a return customer than this is. Nothing but respect for you guys.

  10. Great video and information! I see a lot of new companies coming out with beard cbd products but I love Fable’s CBD because I know I can trust it.
    Had one question about the amount of CBD you put in your beard products, how did you come to your 50mg of full spectrum cbd in your products? Would having more CBD be better or is there a limit to its benefits? I’m curious because now there’s companies with 500mg full spectrum cbd butters for only around 30$, from a big company as well (Peak CBD/Chesapeake).
    Just wondering why you use 50mg full spectrum formula for all your cbd products and don’t change the amount in your 4oz butters compared to a 1oz oil?

  11. Thank you for this info. I was not aware of this before, and we use multiple CBD products in our family so this will be useful beyond my beard products. I respect you guys so much for all the info you share!

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