I Try CBD Oil Tincture for the First Time! Urth Leaf 1800mg Review

Urth Leaf Website: UrthLeaf.com CBD Hemp Oil Tincture 1800mg #urthleaf #urthleafcbd #dtla #cbd …


  1. WOW, very cool and nicely done video! Thanks Nicky
    I use CBD in oil and flowers! It helps a lot my addiction and to my girlfriend it is huge to help her in her anxiety issue.

    Issue is the lack of research and most "doctors" don't know it and are afraid of it.
    ALso, the price is high … Urthleaf looks amazing but to expensive for me. Until now i go to plantandhemp and the prices are good and results are here ^^ Plus they have also flowers ( and an affiliate program) so i will stick to that, but thank a LOT for this awesome quality video !!

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