How Did I Get On With Sertraline, Lamotrigine & CBD Oil? Plus: Naltrexone

I’ve been asked a few times recently about how I got on with the Sertraline/Lamotrigine medication combination that I was trialled on by the Maudsley hospital …


  1. Strange them giving you naltrexone. You can now get a much cleaner and safer equivalent called nalmefene. Which is more effective at equivalent doses you can ask your Psychiatrist about this.

  2. That's very interesting. Well if you don't have any other options you should really try testosterone replacement therapy. Regardless of if your hormone levels are "normal", they may not be normal for you. Hormones have a giant effect on your emotions, notice women get very emotional during their periods? You should really look into it and push really hard to get treatment. Watch bignoknow, he struggled with treatment resistant depression and dpdr

  3. I am in the same boat as you. My dissociation keeps getting worse and worse with the week to be honest. It's so weird, I don't really know why it's getting worse seems very random. I myself have tried various medications before, I did try lamotrigine twice before but not the therapeutic dosage as I could not really tolerate the med. It gave me HPPD like symptoms. I have tried rTMS as well, but made my symptoms way worse. But I am wating on the results of the French study especially for Depersonalization, where they target the right angular gyrus. Did you hear about that? I am in therapy as well once a week just regular talk therapy,but as soon as I step out of the door I forgot that I ever was in there. I live in fragments which you probably can relate to. This is the study I am talking about.

  4. Hey Joe! Good luck with the Naltrexone. I had lamotrigine with duloxetine but have gone drug free for over a year now, as it also had no effect on me before or after. Similar view on it to the guy who commented below..

    What's next for you? Because I'm at Maudsley at the moment, and I heard you were actually worse afterwards. What are the options for you & others who have been to Maudsley, if it has no effect?

    Are there any other places reccomended to go or seek referral to, or is it all about going private after that?

    Thanks & take care

  5. First of a welcome back!! really enjoy your updates. anyways, I'm in the exact same position as you are unfortunately, except for the naltrexone, which I've been trying to convince countless psychiatrists to try, but I think they have a superiority complex or something and only what they recommend is good for me, even though Im pretty sure I know more a lot about my condition than they do… but I digress.

    I have tried both lamotrigine 400mg, sertraline 100mg together last year and this year aswell. during the first year I also had done a couple of rTMS sessions, and in addition to the meds. The only thing I felt better was the emotional connection aspect had improved dramatically and I had extreme motivation to do things to a point that I believe I was in a long manic phase, which stopped when I ceased to take them due to believing I couldn't do without them.

    This year I decided to give them another go but without the rtms as it is bloody expensive for like 8 treatments of 15mins each. not only I didnt get the emotional aspect back but it made me a husk of a person, just enough to go through a day and deal with people till i go back home. doses are 150mg sertraline and 200 lamotrigine, as it was making me slightly anxious and racing thoughts.

    I also tried wellbutrin for a wheilr but it gave me horrible anxiety, confusion and night terrors so I threw the bottle down 6 stories, and that was that.

    to a degree I'm glad im not the only one the sertline combo didn't reduce dp symptoms for me. I really want to try the naltrexone as I've read about it.I am genuinely happy you got a prescription for it and hope it cures you. First I need to ween off these meds as they're no longer serving for my intended purpose. thank you for convincing me to stop them once again and try out different meds

    PS. I have a booklet saved as pdf which has vast amounts of information written with what works best, backed up with case studies and whatnot. send me a private message and I'll send it to you if you want! quite the interesting read, gave it to a psychiatrist once but he didn't have time to read it lol.

  6. I feel really sorry for you that the drugs didn't help. Hope very much despite this the steps in the future will help. I'd like to write something negative, something against drugs in general. If you don't want to hear general critics about psychotropic drugs from me, then don't continue reading this, it's okay for me: I think many issues like your disorder shouldn't be treated with this drugs. They force your brain to reactions which have nothing to do with healing and this drugs are never precisely- enough- "built" for your individual brain and problem. They say in professional sounding ways to you why it "could help" but that's nothing else than a cheap version of trial and error, because this drugs anyway effect the whole brain and not only your problematic area. What you need is a trauma therapy where you learn to reorganize your brain beside the shock state it is in now. But this would require a weekly therapy at a trauma specialist but the health service preferres paying for medicine instead of experts. 😤 But this drugs set your brain now into an alarm state what will cause inside your brain the reaction "close the walls, more danger is coming, feelings are now only obstructing, disturbing, switch them off until the danger is over". This drugs are bad for your brain and health in my opinion but a modern trauma therapy (I know a lot about modern types of trauma therapies) helps learning to calm your brain and helps reducing "too fast" and precautionary alarm reactions in your brain and then, and only then the brain gives space for emotions. Naturally emotions and not drug created emotions. Be careful with the actual drugs. They could start suddenly so intense but confusing and horrible emotions that you freak out completely, I experienced this once with a friend. …….

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