Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-26-20

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-26-20 Octane Grow Tent Official Website & Store: Whats up GROWERS! Hey Guys and …


  1. New subscriber enjoy the video's very good information.
    Women can stir things in are hearts but, stand strong. Grow your business and your channel which is what you want more than anything at this time.
    Plants are doing good I enjoy learning.

  2. Brother there are so many grow channels out there and I appreciate yours more than any. Hygro was awesome I don't see him on anymore. Keep it growing and thanks for the knowledge

  3. Jade sorry about the girl, in the future treat em like mushrooms,feed them shit and keep em in the dark šŸ‘ šŸ˜‰. I've been married 20 years and my wife hates listening to grow talk, she tolerates it but… You'd think they'd love it like we do but no. They like mystery and if you let the cat out of the bag game over, they have to believe that they found the cat,ok bad analogy but I hope my point was made. I don't even think it would work if I found a grower girl, we'd probably drive each other to drink. Opposites attract šŸ˜‰

  4. Right on Liquid Jade, thumbs up – thanks for posting this one with all that is going on. Sending good vibes to you! Hang in there! Always good to see Bubba in a video too. That momma plant looked amazing, you should have a nice crop of clones soon! Peace

  5. So how do the autopots actually not kill plants? It's gravity fed right from a reservoir? The water being irritated so how do these autopots work? It looks like a bottom feed system that doesn't require a pump, but how does the water not become stagnant?

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