Flatten Your Pot Belly Workout Video

Flatten your pot belly with this Diet.com Bikini Workout video with Katrina Hodgson! This Physio Ball Leg Lifts workout will give you flat abs using a physio ball …


  1. You can modify this exercise by performing it while lying right on the floor instead of on the ball! Roll up a towel to put beneath the small of your back if you need the extra support. This will be slightly less of a workout for your abs than if you were up on the ball, but it is a modification and definitely still has great benefits as an exercise move! Hope that helps!

  2. girls who exercise without a hair tie look dumb 1) you get sweaty tatts in your hair, and sometimes with it into your mouth 2) you can get you hair stuck in the equipment, and end up ripping it out 3) you end up shedding on the equipment, and that's just *ucking gross!!! 4) you look like you're more committed to looking pretty than doing the correct sweaty exercises that make you like a sweaty heaping pile of nasty which is the purpose of exercising.

  3. Ok it looks cool but DAMN could I even lift my legs a quarter of the way HELL no lol and I'm really skinny just unfit … impossible for beginners im going to start with sumthing easier : ( hahahaha

  4. ok how is that flattening the stomach? its not
    its building the muscle…matter of fact with straight legs that is working the hip flexors mainly. bring the knees to chest and you might actually hit the abs
    seeing a lot of "fitness professionals" out thereon this site who don't know wtf they are talking about and are giving horrible advice
    you need to create a negative caloric balance to "flatten your stomach" or "lose your love handles" by losing bodyfat

  5. @teareefs
    LOL me too . the bench was free floating, the ball flew out from under me as I rolled off!!! I had to laugh at myself extra hard as to kill any type of pointing and laughing from other people… next time , i m doing this first in my routine , not at the end when i'm tired and way less… stable

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