Facts about Cannabis and the Coronavirus, with Dr. Rebecca Siegel and Donna Lalwani

There’s a lot of false or conflicting information being spread about the use of cannabis and COVID-19. For those that use cannabis medicinally, it’s crucial to …


  1. Cannabis or CBD can’t cure it but it can make you feel a lot better. I have been really sick, the whole enchilada. You know. I have been eating edibles to calm my stomach. It makes this a little more bearable. My nauseated stomach feels so much better now!! ❤️🇨🇦

  2. In the netherlands we can buy (not really legal yet but almost) cannabis oil (with thc) online. I use it for insomnia and menopause and it healed me and my mother's bronchitis (she is 83). She has also leukemia cancer and the results of using cannabis oil is wonderous; her bloodvalues are improving. Many people with cancer are cured by cannabis oil, this is not a joke. There is a lot of stigma and taboo around cannabis but nobody is talking about the fact that alcohol is much more damaging than cannabis. It is a shame that around the world it is seen as 'drugs' and alcohol as something that is 'ok'. As in fact we all know that alcohol is physical addictive and I must say I don't feel any feelings of addiction by using cannabis oil. I feel more calm and less nervous and I sleep better. I use a few drops a day and I don't get high by using it (in the beginning I was LOL).

  3. SOMEONE HELP. Ive been literally smoking the fattest blunts, but since I tested positive its like smoking a cigarette. no effect. no sensation of being high. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  4. I’ve had COVID start of Dec 2020 high temp no taste or smell what so ever so when skinned up I couldn’t taste the weed it never affected me at all but why haven’t they done a study they should pull fingers out there arses and get testing it can’t do any harm even us in uk where 60000 new cases of COVID rising everyday

  5. I feel like the cure to corona virus is something smokeable. Some medicine. The fact that this happens in your lungs, feels like it would be best to kill the virus by smoking it out. But idk.

  6. Legalize it UK. A lot of doctors cant agree with one another. Our doctors over here are still not confident in it. Even tho its been used for 100's of decades. Pharma drugs are actually harmful long term everybody knows that but doctors dont say that to their patients.

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