ELON JUST TWEETED ABOUT THIS $3 STOCK! Meta Materials Stock Update! TRCH. MMATF. BUY, SELL!? Elon Musk is influencing this penny stock in 2021.


  1. Can someone PLEASE answer this question? I watched this video yesterday Feb 24th & bought MMATF. Made sense since I should be getting 3 or 4 shares per 1 share that I own; however, I just watched a video on another channel that was posted Feb 21st & he said it was too late to buy MMATF & get the additional shares after the merger. Does anyone know if this is true & where I can find this information? Thanks for your help!

  2. This is so annoying that this is constantly being circulated. The profile photo and the the meta fork bio has anything to do with torchlight or metamaterials 😂😂 the meta fork is a crypto mining reference and the “fork in the road” image is a reference to ADA cardanos mission statement of being “a fork in the road” will be unsubscribing today!

  3. Gotts say LOVE you guys brothers!!! Been following your growth and SINCERELY AM PROUD to spread word about you guys!! Fellow Y-TUBER here OLD SCHOOL and KEEP IT REAL!!!! Let's chat sometime guys a LIVE would be HILARIOUS!!!! GOD BLESS and CONGRATS you guys deserve the very best..

  4. I can't find the metafork tweet or the fork photo… what am I missing?! Lol
    Only tweet i see that resembles TRCH from Elon is
    " I just wanna start a flame in your heart" …….maybe? For TORCH?

    Also your fitness link isn't working.

    Really proud of you guys!!

  5. Your video is pushing false info. Elon Musk was tweeting about ADA (Cardona) and not Metamaterials Inc. "meta for k" is a reference to Cardona. Tesla having the same address in Nova Scotia as Metamaterials is true, but a lot of companies share this office complex. Back to the drawing board.

  6. This economic crisis is just a time that differentiate the wise from the others. The wise will invest right now either in stock or cryptocurrency just to hold some shares of something

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